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Small Business Entrepreneurship & Economics

Location: ROC

Program Description

Armed with a healthy curiosity, ours is a world full of opportunity just waiting to be unearthed and explored! This claim certainly encompasses the exciting and challenging world of small business ownership. But this also begs the question "are people born entrepreneurs" or is it a skill that can be acquired? In this class we argue the latter, equipping you with the knowledge, resources, and processes necessary to launch your own business. 

Integrated throughout the program are communication, critical thinking, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills. Through project-based learning, students will apply the business concepts they learn to their own real business model. As students learn how to be an entrepreneur, they gain skills in decision making, information analysis, business presentation, and self-reliance.

College prep economics is also embedded in this program.

Small business entrepreneurship STUDENTS LEARN:

  • Researching and evaluating the local business climate and one's own skill set
  • Generating and developing business ideas
  • Business presentation and professional communication skills
  • Employment readiness skills
  • Conducting business feasibility studies, bootstrap financing, and Lean Canvases 
  • Setting business strategy and engaging in daily business operations, including marketing and finance 


Certification offered to students completing the Small Business Entrepreneurship program include:

  • Precision Exams Business Communication
  • Precision Exams Exploring Business and Marketing
  • Precision Exams Entrepreneurship
  • Precision Exams Economics
  • Precision Exams 21st Century Success Skills


Small Business Entrepreneurship students should have solid communication skills and average or better math and writing skills. A business professional dress code is part of the curriculum. As students will read 4+ New York Times bestselling business books throughout this course, reading comprehension is also important.


Students successfully completing the fall semester of Small Business Entrepreneurship & Economics earn 10 elective units, as well as 5 college prep Economics units toward their high school graduation.  All 15 units earned in the second semester are credited as electives.

College prep course.  A-G approved.  Meets area “G” approval for UC and CSU admissions.


Small Business Entrepreneurship & Economics is a dual enrollment class spring semester with the following Bakersfield College course:

  • BSAD B29 - Entrepreneurial Business Plans (3 units)

Students may simultaneously enroll with BC while taking this class at ROC in order to earn 3 units of BC credit in addition to the above high school credit.


This is a career awareness class that instructs students on the basics necessary for beginning their own business and/or for entry-level employment.  Successful Small Business Entrepreneurship students often pursue careers in the following:

  • Business entrepreneur
  • Marketing manager
  • Real estate agent
  • Online merchant
  • Sales representative
  • Retail store owner/manager
  • General and operations manager