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Business Partners » 1. Be a Guest Speaker

1. Be a Guest Speaker



Our students revel in hearing from area business people; from entry-level workers to senior managers, all are welcomed.  Your experiences and advice give purpose and meaning to students' daily lessons.


ROC has a morning session (7:30am - 10:30am) and an afternoon session (11:45am-2:45pm).  Although many speakers enjoy meeting with both classes, teachers can accommodate your schedule should you only be able to speak to one session.


Guest speakers may elect to:


1. Speak on a broad employment topic appropriate for students across various programs. Contact Natasha Hughes in the ROC Career Center at 831-3327.  She will help you hone your message and select a target audience.  Ms. Hughes will then invite appropriate students to your talk, scheduled at your convenience.


2. Speak to a specific class on an industry topic. Again, you may contact Natasha Hughes at the ROC Career Center to have her put you in contact with the appropriate teacher.