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Robotics Engineering

Location: CTEC

Program Description

This program prepares students interested in pursuing careers in robotics or engineering by providing the pre-engineering and robotics skills necessary for entry into post-secondary education programs. Students are challenged to think critically, solve problems and apply technology-based tools effectively and safely. They also learn the skills necessary to communicate clearly, cooperate within teams, solve mathematical, scientific and logistical problems and present findings.

Robotics Engineering introduces students to embedded technology concepts through a combination of classroom lecture and project-based learning. Students learn to design, build, communicate and operate robotic automation equipment.

High School credit available

Students earn 15 general elective units each semester toward their high school graduation.

College prep course. Meets area ā€œGā€ approval for UC admission.

Bakersfield College credit available

Robotics Engineering is a dual enrollment class with the following Bakersfield College courses:

  • ELET B1a - Basic Electronics (DC) (3 units)
  • ELET B1b - Electronics and Electric Technology (3 units) 
  • ELET B3 - Programmable Logic Controllers

Students may simultaneously enroll with BC while taking this class at ROC in order to earn 6 units of BC credit in addition to the above high school credit.



This is a career awareness class which instructs students on the basics necessary for entry-level employment.  Successful Robotics Engineering students often pursue careers in the following:

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  • Pending


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