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Medical Assistant


This program only accepts high school seniors. Juniors are encouraged to enroll in Introduction to Health Careers.

Location: CTEC

Program Description

Health Care is one of the fastest-growing career fields in the United States.  The CTEC Medical Assistant course is a one-year program designed to teach students medical terminology, ethics, and the communication skills necessary to be successful employees in doctors’ offices and clinics.  After initial classroom training, students also serve an internship at local medical offices.

This program only accepts high school seniors. Juniors are encouraged to enroll in Introduction to Health Careers.

Medical Assistant students learn:

  • Medical terminology and use of basic tools
  • Methods to assist with physical exams and minor office surgeries
  • Procedures for calculating drug dosages and administering injections
  • Methods for obtaining vital signs and administering medications

Professional Certification opportunities

Certifications offered to students completing the Medical Assistant course include:

  • Injection Certification
  • Health Care Provider CPR Certification
  • Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) or Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) (opportunity to sit for exam)

Enrollment Pre-Requisites

Students enrolled in the Medical Assistant course must furnish their own transportation to and from training site.  A solid attendance record and a “C” or greater average in English is also necessary to successfully complete this program.  Students must have a social security number to be placed in a training facility.

High School credit available

Students earn 10 units of Life/Biological Science credit and 5 units of Health credit, in addition to 15 units Elective credit for completing the full year (two semester) program. These units are applied to their high school graduation.

College prep course. Meets area “G” approval for UC admission.

Career Pathways and Related Occupations

This is a career awareness class that instructs students on the basics for entry-level employment.  Successful Medical Assistant students often pursue careers in the following:

  • Doctor’s Office Assistant
  • Lab Technician
  • Medical Assistant
  • Rehabilitation/Therapy Assistant
  • Nurse