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AM & PM Video Production students at Universal Studios

AM & PM Video Production classes recently visited Universal Studios.

     "I wanted the students to see how the techniques and equipment they’ve been learning about all year were used in the creation of movies, as well as to have the opportunity to explore career fields, in the exciting world of arts and entertainment." - Lisa Krch, Instructor

Universal Studios Hollywood offers a program where the students go “behind the scenes” of the Waterworld show. They were able to watch a run through of the tremendously popular program, visit the sound/audio booth, meet the crew, and view the costumes, mic testing, and pyrotechnics and stunt safety procedures during rehearsal.

The Video Production students worked hard to raise money for the trip through a ROC campuswide recycling program and a Banana Split fundraiser. They also received generous donations from Kern Schools Federal Credit Union, the Kern Taxpayers Association, the Eyewitness News, Mor Furniture for Less “One Classroom at a Time” grant, and Bakersfield East Rotary to make this unforgettable “lesson” a reality.