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Bookkeeping and Accounting

Location: ROC

Program Description

All businesses, big and small, are in need of bookkeeping and accounting services. If you are a “numbers person” who is organized and detail-oriented, this is a profession full of opportunity and potential career growth. Since good communication skills and client service are also an important ingredient to a successful career, those aspects are also included in this one-year program.

Students begin by completing their Office Core Competency courses prior to entering into the Bookkeeping curriculum. Successful students then transition to an internship at a local business and/or the advanced Accounting curriculum.

Phase 1: Office core competency students learn:

  • Operating modern office equipment
  • Keyboarding accuracy and speed
  • Office safety practices
  • Employment readiness
  • Customer service and modern office procedures
  • Telephone etiquette/ message taking
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Basic record keeping, indexing, and filing
  • Business math/ machine calculators
  • Business event planning

Phase II: Bookkeeping & Accounting students learn:

  • QuickBooks Pro for Accounting
  • Financial Records Management
  • Advanced Computer Skills and Applications
  • Business math (advanced)
  • The Accounting Cycle (journal entries, posting to general ledger, trial balance, financial statements, etc)
  • Occupational Record Keeping for sales associates, stock clerks, purchase order clerks, A/R & A/P clerks, payroll clerks

Professional certification opportunities

ROC certifications offered to students completing the Bookkeeping/Accounting program include:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Advanced Bookkeeper
  • Account Clerk I (Sole Proprietorship)
  • Account Clerk II (Partnership)
  • Computer Account Clerk  (QuickBooks User)
  • Precision Exams 21st Century Success Skills
  • Typing Certificate (NWPM) - authorized issuing agent for County of Kern
  • 10-Key Certification (CSPM) - authorized issuing agent for County of Kern


Bookkeeping & Accounting students should have average or better math and English skills and solid attendance. The program dress code is Business Casual/Business Professional and/or Specified Uniform. For students assigned to internships at medical offices, proof of a current negative TB Skin Test and current Immunization record are also required.

high school credit available

Students earn 15 elective units each semester toward their high school graduation.

College prep course.  A-G approved.  Meets area “G” approval for UC and CSU admissions.

Bakersfield college credit available

Bookkeeping & Accounting is articulated with Bakersfield College courses in:

  • BSAD B252a – Computer Keyboarding, Part 1
  • BSAD B252b – Computer Keyboarding, Part 2
  • BSAD B252c – Computer Keyboarding, Part 3
  • BSAD B264 – Ten-Key Proficiency
  • BSAD B53A – Accounting
  • BSAD B88 – Office Procedures
  • COMP B5 – Introduction to Microsoft Office
  • BSAD B287 – Filing
  • BSAD B253a – Document Processing, Part 1
  • BSAD B253b – Document Processing, Part 2
  • BSAD B253c – Document Processing, Part 3

Students meeting BC’s established criteria can earn up to 17 units of BC credit in addition to the above high school credit.

Students meeting the established criteria at a four-year college or university can earn 3 units when they pass the NOCTI assessment at 70% or higher.

career pathways and related occupations

This is a career awareness class that instructs students on the basics necessary for entry-level employment. Successful Bookkeeping and Accounting students often pursue careers in the following:

  • Receptionist
  • Bookkeeper
  • Staff Accountant
  • Account Clerk I / Account Clerk II
  • Computer Account Clerk
  • Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Auditor
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Budget Analyst

Advisory Board/Industry Partners

The Advisory Board provides crucial guidance for the Business Administration programs at ROC. These industry partners have generously donated their time and expertise to share industry trends, offer assistance, and ensure the curriculum is providing the highest levels of training and career development opportunities for our students.


Ms. Arleigh Crotez

MCA, Keller Williams Realty


Mrs. Carolyn Christolear

Business Teacher

Retired, KHSD


Ms. Deborah Hernandez

Warranty Service Manger

Castle & Cooke CA, Inc.

(former ROC student)


Mrs. Erma and Mr. Don Charpentier

Business Owners

Charpentier Insurance


Mr. Glenn Porter

Business Owner



Ms. Gloria Tirado

Human Resource Manager

Retired, Hotel Industry


Ms. Laura Mizner

Accounts Payable Clerk

San Joaquin Helicopters

(former ROC student)


Ms. Nely Miranda

Finance Clerk

Kern High School District

(former ROC student)


Mr. Ray Scott


Price Disposal


Ms. Tina Posey

Housing Administrator

Kern County Housing Authority

Adjunct Business Professor

Bakersfield College


Ms. Marta Muhsen

Executive Director

Kern County Family Justice Center