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Upcoming Networking & Education Events

Below are events designed to help you develop as a businessperson.

You will not receive extra credit for attending. You do this because you want to grow and learn, not because your teacher bribed you. I will, however, give you an extra point if you unmute your mic and tell the class that you attended because others need to see that you are a person of Vision and a Leader.

CSUB Entrepreneurship Club
is a great networking opportunity open to my students.
Friday, December 18 at 5pm
Friday, January 15 at 5pm
Ms. Krch, our Video Production instructor, has an entrepreneurial brother in Nevada who is sponsoring an Entrepreneurship Scholarship. $2000 for a 500-word essay works out to $4 per word if you win. It is a nationwide contest, but she felt my students stood a good chance of competing. Open to College-Bound Entrepreneurial Seniors. Apply before the end of February. 
Bakersfield Small Business Celebration YouTube Show
NOTE: Each week Michael Roberts interviews a different Bakersfield Small Businessperson. We will actually watch or listen to some of these in class, but there are over 100 episodes for you to browse. After listening or watching, seek out the guest and host on LinkedIn, say something nice about the show, and connect with both.