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Ag/Diesel Mechanics

Location: ROC

Program Description

Ag/Diesel Mechanics is a program built to train students with the goal of working as a mechanic in the local heavy equipment and agriculture industries. In this program students will learn the parts and systems of different engines by rebuilding two stroke and four stroke small engines and then rebuilding a John Deere diesel engine. Students will receive instruction on shop safety, equipment inspection procedures, electrical systems, diesel engine emission systems, mobile air conditioning systems, and engine fault diagnostics.

Ag/Diesel Mechanic students learn:

  • Internal combustion engine parts and operation principles
  • Checklists for inspection procedures
  • Engine and equipment service and maintenance procedures
  • Low voltage electrical systems and operation
  • Repair techniques to replace malfunctioning components of mechanical or electrical equipment
  • Test driving skills to diagnose vehicle malfunctions
  • Skills to read and interpret diagnostic test results
  • Repair techniques to replace malfunctioning components of mechanical or electrical equipment


Certifications Available:

  • Ag/Diesel Mechanics Certificate of Completion
  • Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) certification
  • Forklift Operation Certification
  • Small Engine Repair Certification

Things to Consider:

Successful completion of an introductory course in ag mechanics or equivalent background and experience is recommended, but not required. Requires personal protective equipment clothing. 

Credit Available:

Meets area "G" approval for UC and CSU admissions.

15 high school elective credits per semester

Bakersfield College (Dual Enrollment)

  • MCAG B3 – Small Gas Engines (3 units)
  • MCAG B11 – Introduction to Diesel Engine Repair (3 units)

Career Pathways and Related Occupations

  • Diesel Truck Technician
  • Heavy Equipment Technician
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Agricultural Equipment Technician
  • Small Engines Technician