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Meet Mr. Suazo

About the Program
Mobile Apps Development is a one year program that prepares students for a career in mobile application design and marketing. For more information, click on the "Mobile Apps Development Program Page" link in the blue box to the right.
About the Instructor
  • Instructor at ROC since 2016.
  • California teaching credential (preliminary) in CTE Information and Communication Technologies.
  • AA, Graphic Design, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).
  • 9+ years industry experience in graphic design, mobile app design, and creative consulting.
  • Emmy Award winner in graphic design, 2013.
  • Golden Mike Award, Contribution in Graphic Design, 2014,  2015 and 2016.
  • Creative Director / Social Media Manager, U.S. Army All-Star Bowl, 2014 – Present.
  • Youngest of seven siblings!


MADE Program Brochure

Download this quick informational program brochure about MADE (Mobile App Development Education) class at ROC.
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Student Careers MADE to Order

By Destiny DeHaro, Small Business Entrepreneurship

Bakersfield, CA- The future is near! If anything it is already here with the ROC Mobile App Development and Entrepreneurship (MADE) program. This is a class for young people to not only develop their high tech programming skills, but also to learn to be entrepreneurs by promoting their app idea to the public.

The class is taught by Mr. Suazo, owner of The W Creative Company and an Emmy award-winning designer. Suazo teaches students the basics of app design and functionality using Swift and Xcode. There are no skills required upon entering this program because in the beginning Mr. Suazo will help students get up-to-date with their technical skills.

The class is also equipped with Mac computers, Ipads, Iphones, and Ibooks -- students even have their textbook on a tablet, proving that MADE student technology is way beyond that of the average high school classroom. Students use this technology to learn the formatting of a mobile application and the behind the scenes coding.  

The overall class goal is to get students prepared for working at mobile app companies or on their own, eventually allowing them to promote their app ideas or technical work in the development of the latest apps on the market.

The class is both cutting-edge and challenging. MADE student Ivan Casillas said, “It is tough but it is worth it”, while Issac Candolita, another MADE student, stated “It is very fun. I like it a lot, there is a lot to learn.”

In this technological renaissance that the modern world has come to be, this class presents a great advantage for these students. To be learning the basics of the computer coding creates a better chance at getting a job in today’s competitive workforce. The future is here and these students are living it!

Watch out for Future Mobile App Developers

By Sade Salazar, ROC Small Business Entrepreneurship

Bakersfield, California - The Regional Occupational Center provides 30 different career programs that help students to find their career path. For the students in the Mobile App Development program, this gives them experience in developing apps, learning Photoshop, using CocoaPods and much more.

The Mobile App Development class is taught by Mr. Suazo who teaches students to develop apps in different software formats. This class is a one year program that will prepare students to design apps as well as market themselves for a potential career. Mr. Suazo was an Emmy Award winner in 2013 for graphic design.

As many with ROC programs, Mobile Apps is a project-based learning environment, although it still features classroom lectures and technical lessons.

Currently in the Mobile Apps Development program students are working on Photoshop. A senior student named Chris had said that “the class is challenging, but it’s really fun.”

The Mobile App Development program provides a base for future mobile app developers from which he or she can build upon, all while still being in high school.  

SkillsUSA Regional Champions

On Saturday, February 4, 2017, 85 students representing 8 Regional Occupational Center (ROC) programs participated in the SkillsUSA 2017 Region 2 Leadership and Skills Conference held in Paso Robles.
Stiff competition notwithstanding, Kern High’s ROC students proved up to the task, tallying 30 gold, 18 silver, and 13 bronze medals. Winners will advance to the State Conference which will be held from April 20-23, 2017 at San Diego.
Four of those gold medals belong to MADE (Mobile App Development & Entrepreneurship) students who entered their first competition in the entrepreneurship leadership section. They are now preparing for the SkillsUSA State Championship in San Diego, April 20-23rd.