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Mission, Student Learner Outcomes, Creed

Mission Statement

The KHSD ROC/CTEC will deliver exemplary career education. Students are provided opportunities to develop professional behavior, with technical and workplace skills, to prepare them for career and college success.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

The Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs) focus on two areas. These areas are the development of technical skills and career readiness skills.

Technical Skills encompass the following measurable outcomes: 

  • Students will earn a program Certificate of Completion at a rate of 75%
  • 80% passage rate for students who attempt an industry-recognized certification
  • 100% passage rate for students who attempt a safety certification
  • 65% passage rate for students who attempt a Precision Exams pathway-specific certification
  • 90% of students will indicate that ROC has provided them with industry-specific skills 
  • 75% of industry partners will indicate that ROC has prepared students with the technical skills in their industry

Career Readiness Skills encompass the following measurable outcomes:

  • 100% of students will participate in the Meet & Greet and Mock Interview Day events
  • 100% of students will complete a professional resume
  • Students will have an attendance rate of at least 93%
  • 65% passage rate on Precision Exams 21st Century Skills Post-test
  • 90% of students will indicate that ROC has provided them with career readiness skills
  • 90% of industry partners will indicate that ROC has prepared students with career readiness skills


ROC Creed

WE BELIEVE THAT preparing students with the skills required to perform entry-level functions in the work world is our primary task.

WE BELIEVE THAT adequate preparation involves:

  • Teaching specific skills identified by persons in the industry.
    Involving community business persons, former students, and persons knowledgeable in the field as advisors
  • Providing trainees with upgraded technology, equipment, and materials to reflect items currently in use in industry.
  • Emphasizing and role-modeling of work ethics including: on-time performance; regular, dependable attendance; job loyalty; skill upgrades; and personal relations.
  • Providing on-the-job-experiences at community work-sites in order to enhance student learning of work skills and requirements.
  • Extending availability of career preparation information, job search activities, and employment placement assistance.

WE BELIEVE THAT all staff should undertake professional growth activities to maintain and upgrade their skills and knowledge.

WE BELIEVE THAT the educational endeavor on behalf of students is a team effort by all staff members–instructional, clerical, custodial, and administrative.

WE BELIEVE THAT trainees require basic academic skills as well as competencies in vocational areas.

WE BELIEVE THAT each individual has unique abilities, needs, and skills; we further believe that it is our task to assist in meeting those needs as well as developing individuals abilities and skills.

WE BELIEVE THAT identifiable competencies exist in each of the job-skills areas and that trainees should be guided to master increasingly complex competencies.

WE BELIEVE THAT equal training opportunities must be provided for all person regardless of race, color, creed, ethnicity, national origin, sex, handicapping conditions, or senior age.

WE BELIEVE THAT development of student’s leadership potential is a key element in future employment successes.

WE BELIEVE THAT training, retraining, and upgrading of skills are all vital portions of the instructional program.

WE BELIEVE THAT it is imperative to have instruction given by those who have had training and experience in actual work situations.

WE BELIEVE THAT training programs are dynamic in nature and must be constantly reviewed and revised in order to remain current.

WE BELIEVE THAT maintenance of high training expectations assures the qualify of instruction and the integrity of certifications.