From Where Do Tomorrow’s Teachers Come?

By Kimberly Howell, ROC Small Business Entrepreneurship

Bakersfield, CA - Wondering where future teachers get their start? Then you are in luck because ROC has the program just for you. The Early Childhood Education (ECE) program covers this task and a whole lot more within this amazing two semester course.

Students from 21 different Kern High School campuses gather daily at the Regional Occupational Center to get a hands on experience with the courses they choose to take. For those who selected ECE, the future looks bright.

On the ROC campus there is a fully-functioning children's daycare run by Bakersfield Adult School that presents ROC students with the real deal in with working with children and their learning environment.  One example of how the program challenges students is a recent assignment in which ECE students created their own classroom which would reach out to every child's needs. The entire classroom had to be plotted and then students explained the benefits it provided to the child during the evaluation process.

Students learn that not only is the inside of the classroom important, but the outside as well. Students from this ROC program went to actual children playgroups and playgrounds to do environmental checks as well as to check all the equipment that the preschool chose to install.

I had the pleasure of interviewing two students from the PM class. Amanda Underwood states “I love this class, I love the teacher, she makes it hard not to like the class.” Alyssa Rodriguez  said “I love the hands-on experience that is more than just writing with a pen.”

Although still in high school, these students are gaining insights into the teaching profession that will last them a lifetime.