Robots Invade the ROC Campus

ROC students learn about the future of mankind

By Federico Salom, ROC Small Business Entrepreneurship

Bakersfield, California - Students in the ROC Robotics Engineering class are learning the basics of robot building and taking a peek on what we might all see in our future. While Robots are always a topic of discussion, whether or not they will “take over the planet” like in the movie Terminator, a lot of people such as instructor Mr. Mears think that robots will indeed play an important part in the future of our society.

While I was there, each student seemed focused on the task at hand and seemed really determined to complete their work. Melissa, a junior from Highland High School, says that she likes the class because of the variety of stuff that they can do. “Right now we are working on UR Robots, which is an universal robot that can do all sorts of things” said Melissa after I asked her what project they were working on.

Anthony, a senior from The Bakersfield High School, enjoys the class because it is entertaining and it is fun to learn. As of right now, Anthony is working on a circuit board which is the most important thing since it carries all the instructions that make the robots operate. When I asked Anthony what his favorite part about the class is, he responded “My favorite part about this class is all the stuff we can do hands-on.” Overall, he says that robots are the future.

“Teaching this class gives me an opportunity to teach students about what the future holds, to be ambitious, and to emerge on the world stage and affect change in the world,” proclaimed Mr. Mears. Mr. Mears is trying to take all the aspects in the robotic world and apply them to his classroom little by little.

From 3D printing to collaborative robotics, Mr. Mears is hoping to allow students to learn and apply many valuable skills and lessons from the world of robotics engineering all in one school year.

For students in his class, this is an amazing opportunity.