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Fire Technology

Location: CTEC

Program Description

At some point in their life, most boys and girls want to be firefighters. The thrill of the red lights, siren, and hero factor all play into the attraction. Deep down, firefighters are born with a desire to serve the community.

ROC offers an opportunity to see if you want to pursue a career in firefighting. Classroom instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on skills operations are all a part of the year-long Fire Technology program.

Fire TECHNOLOGY students learn:

  • SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus)
  • Hazardous materials
  • CPR and basic/advanced first aid and life support instruction
  • Ladder use and safety
  • Hose handling
  • Rescue ropes and knots
  • Pump operation
  • Wildland and ground fires
  • Basic hand tool sharpening and use
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Firefighter survival
  • Fire behavior and fire chemistry
  • Ventilation
  • Oral interview presentation

Professional Certification Opportunities

Certifications offered to students completing the Fire Technology program include:

  • HAZWOPER Awareness Certificate (Hazardous Materials Awareness)
  • First aid and CPR training
  • Basic 32 Wildland Fire Certification
  • Incident Command System certifications: ICS 100, ICS 200, IS 700


Fire Technology students should have average or better skills in reading and writing. Students should also have a solid attendance record.

High School credit available

Students earn 15 units of elective credit each semester toward their high school graduation.

College prep course. Meets area “G” approval for UC admission.

Bakersfield College credit available

This is an actual college-level course. ROC Fire Technology is a dual enrollment class in conjunction with Bakersfield College. In addition to receiving the above KHSD credit, students may earn 3 college units in FIRE B1 Fire Technology first semester and 3 additional units in EMTC B51 Emergency Medical Responder second semester.

Career Pathways and Related Occupations

This is a career awareness class that instructs students on the basics necessary for entry-level employment. Successful Firefighting students often pursue careers in the following:

  • Fireman
  • Wildland Firefighter
  • EMT / Paramedic
  • Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
  • Safety Officer
  • Fire Inspectors and Investigator
  • Forestry Ranger
  • Military

Class instructors:

This course is team-taught by the following retired and active duty Kern County Fire Department (KCFD) staff:

  • Gary Frank – KCFD, Battalion Chief, Ret.
  • Derek L. Tisinger – Fire Chief, Ret.
  • Tommie Brown – KCFD, Captain, Ret.
  • Loren Gee – BFD Engineer, Ret.
  • Derek Tisinger II – KCFD, Battalion Chief
  • Marty Crider – KCFD, Captain
  • Jeremiah Nielson – KCFD, Engineer
  • Anthony Garcia – KCFD Firefighter