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Meet Mr. Buzzell

About the Program
Welding and Metal Fabrication is a one year program that instructs students in the basics of welding during the first semester and then allows them to use their skills in a manufacturing shop setting second semester. For more information, click on the "Welding & Metal Fabrication Program Page" link in the blue box to the right.

About the Instructor - Welding I

  • Instructor at ROC since 2015.
  • California teaching credential (preliminary) in CTE Manufacturing and Product Development.
  • Coursework in Fire Science Technology and Environmental Hazardous Materials Technology, Bakersfield College.
  • Served country in Navy.
  • Formerly held Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) card.
  • Private industry experience in oil and gas industry (drilling and downhole explosives/fracking), as well as environmental, health and safety leadership; human resources leadership; and training – both Craft and Safety.
  • NCCER master trainer; construction site safety master.
  • National Safety Council Forklift Instructor since 1989.
  • Former member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, Golden Empire Safety Society, and National Safety Council.
  • Have coached football for both the North of the River and Golden Empire Youth Tackle Football leagues.
  • An aviation buff who hates flying!
Also learn about the Instructor - Fabrication
CLICK HERE to visit Mr. Trimble's teacher page.


Welding for Skill; Welding for Life

 By Joshua Flores, ROC Small Business Entrepreneurship

 BAKERSFIELD, CA -  Students at ROC are learning a variety of skills in welding that can be used later on in their welding career or even around their homes.

 With the ROC welding program, high school juniors and seniors are now able to learn welding techniques and practice these skills daily. Teaching students the basic skills of welding is what this class is all about. The cutting, grinding, and bonding of different types of metal is practiced every day in the shop. The welding program also introduces students how to read blueprints and how to plan welding projects for later in their career.

 The teacher of the program is Mr. Buzzell; he is now in his third year at ROC. As “a people person” he it is very easy for students to approach and talk to him. He served in the Navy and had various experience in other careers as well. As such, he’s a real good story teller who always has a valuable lesson for young students about to embark on a new career. Mr. Buzzell is a certified welder and his goal is to teach students everything they need to know about welding in order to get their first job.

 Jonathan Velazquez, a student from Foothill High, states that “ welding is a good backup or even main career for his future” and he has learned a lot of skills that will benefit him in the future and look good on his resume.

 For many students like Jonathan, the future looks bright thanks to Mr. Buzzell and the ROC Welding program.


It’s Never Too Early For “On the Job” Training

By Kathryn Maroney, ROC Small Business Entrepreneurship

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA - Regional Occupational Center (ROC) provides high school juniors and seniors with amazing opportunities to learn about careers in 30 different industries.

One of the many classes here at ROC is Welding taught by Bill Buzzell. Mr. Buzzell teaches “safety [as one of] the foundational component” of his program. Welding is a very skilled art, as I learned first-hand when I participated in his class for a day. He talked about safety over and over to his students because “welding can be dangerous.” Welding is not easy and it takes a long time to master.

When I was in Mr. Buzzell’s class he taught me one-on-one about welding. Also, he had some of his best students (Sean Tokash and JT Sons  help me along the way. JT showed me how to cut metal and how all the parts to cutting metal work and Sean showed me how to run the welding machines.

Mr. Buzzell has been welding since he could remember, but didn’t want welding as a profession. He had gone into the Navy to become a Firefighter, “but in order to be a fireman in the Navy you had to take over the other responsibilities, the [job title] wasn’t firefighting or fireman it was haul technician which [meant when] the firefighter didn’t have [anything to do they would take on the other responsibilities].”

Between Mr. Buzzell’s great experience and friendly demeanor, plus fellow student’s helpfulness and desire to learn ROC Welding presents great opportunities for students interested in a welding career.