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ROC Plant Production Partners with Murray Family Farms

It began with Steve Murray contacting Glen Marshburn at Champion Seed to inquire if he knew of a local grower who might be willing to start specific melon seeds for Murray Family Farms. Murray wanted 5-6 different varieties of melons started at 3 week intervals, but only 400 plants of each variety per planting. 

This is a highly specialized request and Glenn did not know of a grower in the area that would be willing to start those specific varieties at such low numbers.  He was aware, however, of the greenhouse at the ROC and our horticulture program. 

A quick call by Glen to ROC Plant Production program manager Carolee Trimble led to a meeting to discuss ROC’s facilities and student capabilities and Murray Family Farm’s needs.

Four days later ROC’s Plant Production students were starting seeds for Murray Family Farms!

Murray Farms will be reimbursing the program for our potting mix (a cost of approximately $36/4000 plants) and will be making an additional donation per 1000 plants.  Should the project be successful, we anticipate planting approximately 9,000 plants for Murray Family Farms.

Thank you to Champion Seed for thinking of ROC and to Murray Family Farms for being willing to partner with our program and provide our students with valuable industry experience.