9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

Mr. Maxwell and his Fire Tech class at CTEC invited the Logistics program, the Law Enforcement program and the Skills USA Kern High chapter to join their 9/11 remembrance walk. During this event, students took 2,200 steps, symbolizing the incredible effort of the heroic firefighters on September 11th.
One student from the morning session beautifully captured the significance of participating in this event when asked. They said, "While everyone remembers September 11th, it's essential not to forget September 12th when the entire United States came together to support one another." This sentiment reminds us of the unity and compassion that emerged in the aftermath of the tragic events, highlighting the enduring spirit of solidarity within our nation.
Firefighting, Law Enforcement, Logistics, and SkillsUSA Kern High chapter students climb 2,200 steps to pay tribute to first responders who died at 9/11 tragedy.
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