Entrepreneurship Resource Centers Pilot Wharton Entrepreneurship Game

Students at the Career Technical Education Center (CTEC) Entrepreneurship Resource Centers (ERC) program have etched their names in history as the first cohort in the United States to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure- piloting the Wharton Interactive Entrepreneurship Simulation Game. Developed for MBA students at the renowned Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, this simulation game redefines entrepreneurship education.
Angel Cottrell, the visionary Program Manager behind the ERC, discovered Wharton Interactive during a conference as she searched for ways to elevate her students' entrepreneurial education experience. Her unwavering commitment to allowing students to practice entrepreneurship in a realworld setting led her to the Wharton Entrepreneurship Simulation Game.
Over an exciting 12-week journey, five teams, each comprised of five students, immersed themselves in the Wharton Entrepreneurship Simulation Game. The game provides students with the experience of running a high-growth startup. According to Wharton Interactive, the game is a multisession game that requires a commitment of 15-20 hours. Participants work in teams to run a startup, tackling the challenges of leading a successful business. Throughout the game, students work through adaptive storylines to sell their products, conduct business experiments, pitch their visions to potential investors, hire employees, navigate financial landscapes, and explore business models. All the while, students benefit from invaluable feedback and insights provided by industry experts.
“I could not be prouder to bring something of such high-level expertise to my students. I’m grateful to open up Wharton, one of the best business schools in the world, to create this opportunity for others and make is accessible to them.” -Angel Cottrell, ERC Program Manager
Fueled by the resounding success of their first entrepreneurship game experience, Cottrell said she is eager to expose even more students to this real-world learning opportunity.
Read Wharton Interactive’s case study highlighting Cottrell’s experience with the Entrepreneurship Game Here