Directing Change State Honors for CTEC Video Production

The PSA “In Our Shoes submitted by Miguel Valadez and Gurkirat Singh was selected as the 2nd place winner in the Through the Lens of Culture statewide category. 

“The sole purpose of making this deeply personal PSA was to convey to others how we felt in our own shoes and the challenges we faced as people of ethnic minorities,”said Gurkirat Singh. Team member Miguel Valadez added, “I want others to learn that it is important to feel proud of their culture instead of being ashamed of it and don't let what others say affect your thoughts on your culture.” The team won $500.00 for their creative efforts. You can view their award-winning PSA here:

The PSA “The Importance of Respect” submitted by Ameerah Chatman and Hadleigh Wilson was also named Honorable Mention in the Hope & Justice statewide category.

You can view their award-winning PSA here:


Several other CTEC student PSA’s received honorable mention awards in this competition. These include: 


“Latino” by Jacqueline Villatoro

“The Benefits of Smudging” by Paradiz Gurule and Dilan Hernandez

“The Importance of Support” by Martin Acevedo, Robert Longmire, Jolie Rivero and Andres Gonzales

“Anxiety And I” by Kimberly Orellana Portillo 

“Speak Up” by Gerardo Aguilar and Jonathan Ball


All award-winning videos can be viewed on our CTEC Video Production YouTube channel and on the Directing Change California website.