Spreading Happiness and Hope in 2022

The California Directing Change organization asked young people to create projects expressing their hopes for the new year, along with change they would like to see in their community.

Jasmine Roberts received Honorable Mention and a $25 Amazon gift card, for her thirty-second public service announcement called, “Happiness is Contagious”.


“This entry is about how my hopes for 2022 are to be happy and confident in myself. I believe that when I am happy, I can help out my friends and family and help lift them up.” – Jasmine Roberts, Student Filmmaker

The Video Production team of Paulene Dela Cruz and Sophia Barron also received an Honorable Mention and gift cards for their work, creating “Best Year Yet to Come”.


“Our PSA is about overcoming the struggle of not being able to socialize or do normal things because of the pandemic. We encourage the audience to get vaccinated so that things can finall go back to normal in 2022. This related back to our hopes for 2022, which is being able to see our friends normally, and having a real graduation ceremony in person.” - Paulene Dela Cruz and Sophia Barron, Student Filmmakers

Students in the Video Production program are currently writing, producing, shooting, and editing a new public service announcement for the Directing Change Mental Health Matters statewide competition in March.