Video Production Students Win Big in Film Festival

All CTEC student filmmakers received gift bags with t-shirts, pencils, keychains, Certificates of Participation, and stickers. Winners in each category had their work screened at the Virtual Ely Film Festival in March and received prize money.
Judges and organizers of the event zoomed into class recently to talk with the students about their projects and careers and trends in the entertainment industry.


2021 Ely Film Festival Short Film Contest Winners

All films listed below were created by students in the Video Production Program at CTEC

Ely Central Theater Grand Prize Winner

'Lost, Then Found'


Nevada First Lady Kathy Sisolak Awards

18 and over: 'The Pendent'

13 to 17 year-olds: 'Jack of No Trades'

Fan Favorite

13 to 17 year-olds: 'Lost, Then Found'

13 - 17 Year Old Category

First Place: 'Lost, Then Found'

Second Place: 'The Memory' 

Ely, Nevada has a rich cinematic history and is known for its expansive locations, rugged terrain, and welcoming communities. This was the 2nd Annual Ely Film Festival, but the first time students from Kern County have participated. Student films can be viewed at