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ROC Accepting Applications for Fall 2017

Click Image to Apply ROC is pleased to announce that nine of its programs will continue to accept applications from incoming high school juniors and seniors.

Explore our website to learn more about ROC. Then learn more about the available opportunities (below). By completing the REGISTER NOW form you do not obligate yourself to attending ROC in the Fall, it will simply allow us to contact you to see if ROC is the right path for you and your future.

Openings remain for these programs:

  • 3D Computer Animation
    • Whether you're interested in working for Disney, the video game industry, the TV news, or just posting videos on YouTube, computer animation surrounds our daily lives. Now you have the opportunity to put your creative juices to the test in this challenging, technologically advanced year-long program. Using the latest software and state-of-the art equipment, you'll learn the ins and outs of both 2D and 3D animation and a wide-range of computer skills that will enhance your employability in a great number occupations. Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? Class website.
  • Administrative Office Assistant
    • College credit and the opportunity to intern in an actual business office are just some of the advantages of our Administrative Office Assistant program. First semester students work toward industry certification in front office receptionist, advanced document processing using Microsoft Office, telephone etiquette, data entry, customer service, and business event planning. Second semester allows students to test out their new found skills in the office of an area business. This class is A-G College Prep approved and offers 30 high school units for the full year and the opportunity to earn up to 14 Bakersfield College units at no cost. Class website.
  • Ag Food Science
    • We all know that food production is one of Kern County's major industry sectors, and we also know that modern food and crop science drives this industry. But what can a student do while still in high school to determine if this is the career path for them? The answer, of course, is ROC's Ag Food Science program. Students will literally get down-and-dirty in both the classroom and the orchard. They will see first-hand why today's farming methods and the science behind it is like nothing farmers of yesterday could have ever imagined. Class website.
  • Bookkeeping / Accounting
    • Future business majors as well as those hoping to immediately enter the workforce will appreciate the leg-up that our Bookkeeping/Accounting program provides. Students will begin with the basics of proper office procedures and then delve into the record keeping and bookkeeping curriculum. Advanced students then proceed to the accounting and QuickBooks curriculum. All students are given the opportunity to serve a second semester internship at an area business as well as to earn up to 20 Bakersfield College credits at no cost. Class website.
  • CISCO Networking Academy
    • ROC is pleased to host the nationally-recognized CISCO Networking Academy at our campus. For those who wish to take their computer skills to the next level (and potentially launch into a very lucrative career), this is the place for you. Math and critical-thinking skills will serve you well, but we'll teach you the ins and outs of setting up and troubleshooting PC's, servers, networks, and CISCO routers and switches. Talk about an in-demand 21st century job ... this is it!  Class website.
  • Mobile Application Development
    • Everyone loves downloading and using a great app, but do you know where they come from? The simple answer is that they come from innovative and creative people just like you who have the technical programming expertise to make it happen. Here is your opportunity to learn how to develop the next really cool app and perhaps take your first step on the road to riches. Class website.
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship
    • The American Dream ... to own your own business! But wait, should I risk it? Don't most small businesses close down within a year or two? Can I actually learn how to be a successful entrepreneur? You certainly can and ROC is ready to show you how. In this non-traditional classroom you will learn the foundation skills necessary in owning a business and then, once you and the teacher green-light your idea, you get a chance to actually launch your business. This class will be as challenging as it will be fun. Class website.
  • Video Game Design
    • Here is a booming occupation that your parents never even considered. It takes a well-rounded person to fill the shoes of a video game designer ... you need creativity and vision as well as logic and technical skills. Fortunately, ROC's Video Game Design program has you covered. This is an amazing way to break into computer programming as well as game theory and so much more. Learn the inner-workings of the games you love to play and who knows, perhaps the next big game release will have your name on it! Class website.
  • Video Production
    • Whether it leads to a corporate job, self-employment, or just a fun and useful hobby, the ability to produce a professional quality video has wide application in today's tech savvy world. In this program you will first learn the theory behind quality video production. Then, using state-of-the-art equipment, you will gain first-hand experience in staging, scripting, lighting, directing, editing, and posting your work, all while also learning to interact with actual clients and producing real videos for community organizations. Class Website.