Welcome to the Kern High School District Regional Occupational Center and programs.

ROC/P is a public education career/technical training institution. There are 28 different programs offered to those interested in developing or improving job skills. All courses are designed to prepare students for entry-level employment. Classes at ROC are open to high school juniors, seniors, and adults. Certificates verify skills for employers and State certification is available in some programs. Bus transportation is provided for high school students in the Kern High School District. More....

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ROP programs are available without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin or handicapping condition.

Kern Hifg School District
California Department of Education

Upcoming Events

  • Monday June 2nd to Friday, July 11th
    Summer School
    ** No School Friday July 4th**



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Enrollment Info

All incoming high school juniors, seniors, and persons 16 years of age and older are eligible to enroll in ROC programs. Most programs are accessible for individuals with disabilities. Enrollment priority is given to high school juniors and seniors.

High School Student Enrollment - Students must be 16 years of age and must enroll through their high school counselor. All courses earn high school graduation credit.

Adult Enrollment - Adults interested in classes should call the Regional Occupational Center for an appointment to speak with a counselor. Classes not filled to capacity by juniors and seniors are open to adults. Counselors will refer to waiting lists and will contact interested adults when openings occur. Adults are accepted into classes on a first-come basis. Adults need to be present and on time to their first class as the classes fill rapidly.