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A Summer Like No Other

Since ROC is a school like no other, you can bet that our Summer School provides an entirely different spin on your education. Yes you get a grade, and yes that means there are classroom lessons and assessments, but we also give you the opportunity to put those lessons to work firsthand in an exciting, interactive educational environment.

Below are our classes for incoming high school 9th through 12th graders and enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so (1) sign up here today! and (2) be sure to attend the first day or you'll be dropped. Class is daily from 7:30am to Noon. Here's how enrollment will work: all who sign up are welcome to the first day of class, if attendance exceeds capacity those who signed up earliest AND attended the first day will be enrolled in the class.

Regular KHSD summer school rules apply, including proper dress, attendance (dropped after 3 absences in 6 weeks), behavior, and attitude. No bus service -- students must provide their own transportation to and from ROC (and internship site as applicable). There is no school on Tuesday, July 4.


Here is our 2017 Summer Line-Up:

  • Firefighting
    • 6 weeks, 10 units, June 5-July 14
    • An ideal introduction to the world of Fire Science. Topics will include fire service organization and history, career opportunities and the testing process, and fire chemistry and the physics of combustion. Taught by current and retired Kern County fire professionals, the class will also include daily physical training, instruction on various hose evolution, and a safety and equipment review.
  • Basic Automotive Maintenance and Intro to Collision Repair
    • 6 weeks, 10 units, June 5-July 14
    • 3 weeks spent in Auto Maintenance; 3 weeks spent in Collision Repair
    • Get ready to dive into the world of vehicle maintenance and repair. You will spend half your time in our Auto Body shop learning about shop safety, surface prep for refinishing (including cleaning, applying filler, sanding, feather edging, and priming). Then in our Auto Tech shop you'll get hands-on experience learning about basic automotive maintenance, including oil changes, tire rotation and balancing, fluid maintenance, and belt & hose changes.
  • Intro to Welding 
    • 6 weeks, 10 units, June 5-July 14
    • Here is a great way to try your hand at welding. The class will include industry terminology, use of basic tools, cutting and grinding, bonding metals using the ARC process, and shop procedures, including safety practices, shop discipline, and cleaning/maintenance.
  • Working with Children 
    • 6 weeks, 10 units, June 5-July 14
    • Students must be 16 years or older and have their own transportation to job sites.
    • Students must provide Tuberculosis clearance and Evidence of Immunization of MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) and Pertussis (Whooping Cough) within the first week of summer school.
    • The perfect class for students will enjoy working with children in a variety of settings, including pre-school, day care, primary grades, social work, pediatrics, and recreational facilities. The course begins with two weeks of training in child development concepts, leadership, communication, creative arts, and child supervision. Students then spend the final four weeks at an internship site actually working with young children.
  • Certified Personal Trainer
    • 3 weeks, 5 units, June 5-June 23
    • NOTE: Available only to incoming 12th graders
    • Enjoy sports and exercise? This is the class for you! This class provides you with the foundational skills necessary to become a personal trainer, exercise instructor, fitness facility and wellness center staff, or related fitness professional. This three week course will help you prepare for the NSCA Certified Personal Trainer Examination.
  • Business Administration: Computer Keyboarding and Intro to Document Processing
    • 6 weeks, 10 units, June 5-July 14
    • NOTE: Students who successfully complete this class with a "B" or better are eligible to receive 3 units from Bakersfield College for BSAD B252a – Computer Keyboarding I.
    • Every business needs office support and every college student needs computer and touch typing skills. Why not prepare for both worlds and earn BC credit at the same time! In this program you will complete Typing I & II and Introduction to MS Word. This is an A-G college prep class and is ideal for ALL students, including those who who plan on taking ROC's Administrative Office Assistant or Bookkeeping/Accounting or other business-related class in the future. 
  • Introduction to Computer Animation
    • 6 weeks, 10 units, June 5-July 14
    • Welcome to the world of 2D and 3D Computer Animation. This summer you will complete fun projects using PhotoShop, Premier, and Maya. The course will take you from creating simple models and textures, to animating those objects, to building them into a simple animated character. No previous art or computer experience necessary, but a healthy curiosity will put you on the path to animation success!