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Precision Ag Management

Location: ROC

Program Description

Precision Ag Management explores the intersection of agriculture and technology. As the world changes, so does farming. With the remote sensing technologies available, a farm manager is able to monitor the growth and health of their crop from anywhere in the world.  Field management decisions are able to be made to meet the specific needs of the plants to increase production. Precision technology enables the grower to produce more on less land and with less environmental impacts. 


This two-semester course uses hands-on labs to teach students the management skills needed in the changing agriculture industry. Students utilize GPS, drones, remote sensing technologies, and pest management principles to make crop management decisions. Biotechnology is explored as it increases crop production and expands the commercial use of hydroponics, tissue culture, vertical farms, and plant factories. Laboratory exercises are commonly conducted in the classroom, an on-site production field, garden orchard, shade house, or greenhouse.


NOTE: Precision Ag Management is offered only during ROC's PM session (11:45am to 2:45pm). Students requiring an AM session class may wish to consider Livestock Management.

Precision ag management students learn:

  • Agriculture resource management and remote sensing technologies
  • Equipment and technology operations
  • Agriculture GPS applications

  • Greenhouse and laboratory operations and equipment

  • Integrated pest management

  • Plant physiology

  • Plant biotechnology, selective breeding, and cloning techniques

  • Agriculture business concepts

  • Industry, employment, and safety guidelines

Professional Certification Opportunities

Certification offered to students completing the Precision Ag Management program include:

  • Forklift Operation Certificate

  • Precision Exams Greenhouse Management Certificate

  • Precision Exams Plant and Soil Certificate

  • Precision Exams 21st Century Work Skills


Precision Ag Management students should have average or better skills in reading, writing, and math. Students should also have a solid attendance record.

High School credit available

Students earn 15 units of elective credit each semester toward their high school graduation.

College prep course. Meets area “G” approval for UC admission.

Bakersfield college credit available

Precision Ag Management is a dual enrollment class with the following Bakersfield College courses:

  • CRPS B3 Integrated Pest Management
  • CRPS B5 Introduction to Plant Science

Students may simultaneously enroll with BC while taking this class at ROC in order to earn up to 6 units of BC credit in addition to the above high school credit.

Career Pathways and Related Occupations

This is a career awareness class which instructs students on the basics necessary for entry-level employment. Successful Precision Ag Management students often pursue careers in the following:

  • GIS Technician
  • Farm Manager
  • Agronomist
  • PCA (Pest Control Advisor)
  • Nursery Supervisor
  • Greenhouse Manager
  • Ag Lab Assistant
  • Field Technician
  • Product Development
  • Plant Pathologist
  • Crop Advisor
  • Irrigation Specialist
  • Plant Breeder
  • Entomologist
  • Ag Sales
  • Ag Chemical Rep