ROC Students Animate Nightmare Before Christmas

Class gives students front-row seat to cutting edge technology

By Emma P., ROC Small Business Entrepreneurship

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Student’s at ROC in the 3D Animation program are working with cutting edge technology and recreating a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas in keeping with the spirit of Halloween.

These students have been working diligently on this Nightmare Before Christmas scene to get it done by their deadline. The students were divided into 4 different teams for the project. Each team was assigned to a different task that had to do with the scene. Some were assigned to lighting, a task that looked very difficult to this reporter, the students had to get the light perfectly situated so that the shadow was in the right place as the character Jack Skeleton moved.  

Teacher Mr. Pollard says that this assignment not only builds upon the whole halloween season,  but also teaches the students how to use the computer software MAYA and Photoshop. When completed, students will have recreated a fully animated scene from the Tim Burton movie.

“I like that this project improves our skills on what we are learning,” says Jason Werneth, a Centennial High School senior who is also enrolled in the ROC class.

For Abigail Helm from Frontier High School “it’s like being able to reenact an old movie from the past and being able to recreate it and bring it back to life.”

The students are having a great time doing this project and are learning valuable lessons that they can use in the future, including skills to help them with future job employment in the 3D animation industry.