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Meet Mrs. Eyraud

About the Program
Veterinary Technology is a one year program that is dual enrolled with Bakersfield College. The course offers training in large and small animal care and includes classroom  / laboratory instruction and placement in an internship. For more information, click on the "Veterinary Technology Program Page" link in the blue box to the right.
About the Instructor
  • Instructor at ROC since 2008.
  • California teaching single subject clear credential in Agriculture.
  • AA, Animal Science, Bakersfield College.
  • BS, Agriculture Education, Chico State University.
  • Masters, Agriculture Education, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
  • California Agricultural Teachers’ Association’s Outstanding Young Teacher, 2012.
  • Outstanding Agriculture Leadership Student, Bakersfield College, 2004
  • ROC Teacher of the Year, 2015.
  • Advisor for Future Farmers of America (holds American FFA degree).
  • Community service partner with Bakersfield Animal Care Center.
  • Married with 3 children, enjoys animals and outdoors (camping, fishing, beach).
  • Played four years’ varsity soccer in high school and two years at BC.

Recent Posts

High School Students Gain New Window into the Future

High School Students Gain New Window into the Future

ROC Vet Tech class gives hands-on skills

By Londell Bell, ROC Small Business Entrepreneurship

 Bakersfield, CA- Students at ROC in the Veterinary Technology program are learning many new skills that will prepare them for entry-level employment as an Animal Tech. This includes everything from comparative anatomy and physiology to basic pet grooming skills. Qualified students may have the opportunity to work towards their veterinary assistant certification which includes taking a certification exam.

 These students were working on clipping and grooming dogs on the day I observed. Each team had up to three members and had to keep the dog calm enough to be able to clip the nails without hurting it. There were up to 8 dogs so there was a total of 24 students working on this project.

 Teacher Mrs. Eyraud says that this activity helps shows students how to care for animals basic needs. Being able to learn that can further one’s knowledge in Veterinary Technology.

 “I like that in the class I get to have hands-on experience grooming dogs and learning everything that’s important about what goes on inside animals”, says Jazmine Deleon, a South High School senior who is enrolled in the ROC class.

 For April Vasquez, from West High School, also a senior she “likes that they don’t treat students like kids and they treat them like they are regular adults”.

ROC Vet Tech Teaches Veterinarian Basics

ROC Vet Tech Teaches Veterinarian Basics By Francisco Gonzalez, ROC Small Business Entrepreneurship

Bakersfield, California - When I arrived in the ROC Vet Tech class at 12:30pm, the students were quietly taking their exams as part as their 3 hour a day class. What makes this class different than most, however, is that many of the students had their dogs by their side. This is because 20 minutes later they were all assembled in the animal lab adjoining their classroom to watch a Vet demonstration.

 Welcome to ROC, where high school juniors and seniors learn not only by studying, but by doing. Today’s demonstration featured two former students, each of whom was hired by the ROC internship site and who are still employed at those sites. The now professional Vet Techs were there to show students some of the basic duties and techniques that they do every day while on the job. This includes how to restrain animals, how to take their temperature, and where to look for veins when administering vaccinations.

All of the students were very interested in the demonstration. They were clearly eager to go practice these techniques with their own dogs once the presentation concluded, so much so that they practically jumped out of their seats in order to get to work. They all separated into groups to practice what they learned. All of the students were happy and looked like wanted to do this for the rest of their lives.

 ROC offers job training in 30 different areas, but for those who want to go into animal science, the ROC Vet Tech program is a great first step in the right direction.

UC Davis Field Day

Daisy Pierson, Julie Sarmiento, Melissa Ramirez and Alexis Vasquez traveled to UC Davis Field Day to compete in the Vet Science Contest. The Veterinary Science Career Development Event (CDE) provides opportunities for participants to develop technical knowledge and demonstrate practical skills in the field of veterinary science.

For example, CDE helps effectively prepare the students for the expectations of animal health care and services (Veterinary Hospitals/Clinics, Grooming Facilities, Pet Stores, Kennels/Boarding Facilities, and Feed Stores) workplace. 

Workers seeking careers in the animal health care field must develop a high degree of knowledge, skill and ability to solve difficult problems. This event blends the testing of skills and knowledge required for careers in the animal science career pathway.