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Bookkeeping and Accounting

Program Description

All businesses, big and small, are in need of bookkeeping and accounting services. If you are a “numbers person” who is organized and detail-oriented, this a profession full of opportunity and potential career growth. Since, good communication skills and client service are also an important ingredient to a successful career, those aspects are also included in this one-year program.

Students begin by completing their Office Core Competency courses prior to entering into the Bookkeeping curriculum. Successful students then transition to an internship at a local business and/or the advanced Accounting curriculum.

Phase 1: Office core competency students learn:

  • Operating modern office equipment
  • Keyboarding accuracy and speed
  • Office safety practices
  • Employment readiness
  • Customer service and modern office procedures
  • Telephone etiquette/ message taking
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Basic record keeping, indexing, and filing
  • Business math/ machine calculators
  • Business event planning

Phase II: Bookkeeping & Accounting students learn:

  • QuickBooks Pro for Accounting
  • Financial Records Management
  • Advanced Computer Skills and Applications
  • Business math (advanced)
  • The Accounting Cycle (journal entries, posting to general ledger, trial balance, financial statements, etc)
  • Occupational Record Keeping for sales associates, stock clerks, purchase order clerks, A/R & A/P clerks, payroll clerks

Professional certification opportunities

ROC certifications offered to students completing the Bookkeeping/Accounting program include:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Advanced Bookkeeper
  • Account Clerk I (Sole Proprietorship)
  • Account Clerk II (Partnership)
  • Computer Account Clerk  (QuickBooks User)


Bookkeeping & Accounting students should have average or better math and English skills and solid attendance. The program dress code is Business Casual/Business Professional and/or Specified Uniform. For students assigned to internships at medical offices, proof of a current negative TB Skin Test and current Immunization record are also required.

high school credit available

Students earn 15 units each semester toward their high school graduation (5 elective, 5 general English, and 5 general math units).

College prep course. Meets area “G” approval for UC admission.

Bakersfield college credit available

Bookkeeping & Accounting is articulated with Bakersfield College courses in:

  • BSAD B252a – Computer Keyboarding, Part 1
  • BSAD B252b – Computer Keyboarding, Part 2
  • BSAD B252c – Computer Keyboarding, Part 3
  • BSAD B264 – Ten-Key Proficiency
  • BSAD B53A – Accounting
  • BSAD B88 – Office Procedures
  • COMP B5 – Introduction to Microsoft Office
  • BSAD B287 – Filing
  • BSAD B253a – Document Processing, Part 1
  • BSAD B253b – Document Processing, Part 2
  • BSAD B253c – Document Processing, Part 3

Students meeting BC’s established criteria can earn up to 17 units of BC credit in addition to the above high school credit.

Students meeting the established criteria at a four year college or university can earn 3 units when they pass the NOCTI assessment at 70% or higher.

career pathways and related occupations

This is a career awareness class which instructs students on the basics necessary for entry-level employment. Successful Bookkeeping and Accounting students often pursue careers in the following:

  • Receptionist
  • Bookkeeper
  • Staff Accountant
  • Account Clerk I / Account Clerk II
  • Computer Account Clerk
  • Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Auditor
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Budget Analyst